Full Game Release!

The End is Nigh!
We're proud to announce that after a year and a half of development the game is finally done!

And it is being released RIGHT NOW!
I know we said we would release on the 13th, but we had it done earlier, so why keep it for ourselves?

It has a launch discount of 10% for the first week, so grab it while it's hot! After that it will go back to the full price of $4.99.

Enjoy the game, stay safe and have a great time during the Holidays!

Ps. If you bought the game while it was in early access, you're eligible for a Steam Key as well, just comment below and we'll send you the key.

Das Ende is nahe!

Nach eineinhalb Jahren Entwicklungszeit sind wir stolz darauf, dass das Spiel endlich fertig ist!

Und es wird AB HEUTE verfügbar sein!

Schon klar, wir haben es erst für den 13. April angekündigt. Aber wir waren schon früher fertig, also warum warten?

Für die erste Woche gibt es noch einen 10% Rabatt also holt es euch, solange der Vorrat reicht!
Danach wird das Spiel zum regulärer Preis von 4.99€ angeboten.

Viel Spaß, habt ein paar schöne Feiertage und passt auf euch auf!

PS: Wenn das Spiel während der Early Access Phase gekauft wurde, besteht Anspruch auf einen Steam Key. Dazu einfach hier kommentieren und wir melden uns mit einem Key.

O Fim está Próximo!

Nós estamos orgulhosos de anunciar que depois de um ano e meio de desenvolvimento o jogo finalmente está pronto!

E ele está sendo lançado AGORA!

Eu sei que nós falamos que o lançamento aconteceria no dia 13, mas nós terminamos ele antes, então pra que manter ele só pra gente?

Ele tem um desconto de lançamento de 10% na primeira semana, então pegue enquanto está quente!

Depois disso o jogo vai voltar ao preço normal de $4.99.

Aproveite o jogo, fique seguro e se divirta bastante durante o feriado!

Obs. Se você comprou o jogo enquanto ele estava como acesso antecipado, você tem direito a uma chave da Steam, deixe seu comentário abaixo e nós vamos te enviar a chave.

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i bought it in early access so... could i get the key?

cause if i download lastest version en error pops up about steam id


the 1.0.3 version?
DM the email you bought the game with @PPG_dev on Twitter so we can verify your purchase :)

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Bonjour, j'ai un gros problème, lorsque je lance les jeux, les boîtes de dialogue sont énormes et impossibles d'accéder aux paramètres pour le modifier. quelqu'un sait comment m'aider?

/Hello, I have a big problem, when I launch the games the dialog boxes are huge and impossible to access the parameters to modify that. someone know how to help me?


in your explorer go to %appdata%/Local/Midnight_Ride
open the "config.ini" with a text editor and edit this value


god bless you

Hello brother ! I've been wanting to contact you since last week, and this is the only page i can post about it. I've noticed the game has no sound effects yet ! I can create them for you withing 1-2 weeks. Contact me on email please at sneakyturtless@gmail.com ! Regards !

send me a DM on Twitter @PPG_dev and we will see what you have in mind

I bought this a while back (3-5 months or so) and would love the last and final version 

hey, if you bought it here, you can just download the latest version :D

i think i used a different account and paypal

send me a DM on Twitter @PPG_dev and we will try to sort this out


Hi - just bought this, and I think there might be a slight issue?  When I run it, it just opens Steam and goes to the Steam page for the game.  Possibly the wrong build got uploaded to itch.io?

thank you for your feedback, this will fix the issue:

Thank you!

no, thank you!


I bought the game last Halloween and was really impressed with it. I can't wait to see it now that its complete.